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About us

Hey there! It is important for us to stop and tell you something ... We love Africa, and this whole project called "Mzungu- Backpacking Africa, Together" -is derived out of this simple fact.


It has far more to it than the community coupons, the lectures or the country’s tip-maps, and it goes even far beyond being a place for backpackers to share their knowledge and experiences from the continent.


Who are we? Two guys who backpacked Africa for several month a couple of years ago, and fell in love with this beautiful and unique continent. The entire project is meant to become a bridge in-between the many cultures of Africa and ours as backpackers, To teach and expand horizons with a lot of added value on the continent and to offer new ways to look at the phenomena which happens to us during our trip as backpackers, for example - volunteerism, sustainable tourism, and our own influence on the continent during the trip.


We are often asked "why do you do it?" - the project that makes Africa a little more accessible to backpackers - is liable to create a situation of ruining it’s authenticity. And what we wanted you to know is that this moral compass - of knowing the continent on all its cultural levels, of supporting the local populations and directing all of us towards a righteous way of backpacking - is in front of our eyes in every article we write, in every content we share, and in every recommendation we take.


Hence the #added_value posts we add on our facebook group, and hence many more good things that we are working on, for you, on the website and community.


In a social project like any other social venture, you guys are also a big part of the whole picture - there are many opinions over here, and many more interesting experiences from your trips on the continent, all are waiting to get shared! Each and every one of you are more than welcome to write articles about anything you feel like, which is regarding Africa, or your own experiences traveling it. Take part in filling out the community tip-maps as well,

And in this way we will build a reservoir of good intentions for all of us backpackers in Africa.

If you need anything, we're right here. Just ... contact us, Gal Zanir, and Ziv Oriol.


And in conclusion we will tell you that behind all the things you will see on the website and on the community, all the hard work, stand not only two backpackers like us,

But many other backpackers who supported, wrote, and continue to do so all of the time.




So, will YOU help it happen?




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