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Ethiopia is, with no doubt, one of the unique countries in Africa, and in the world. 

The Ethiopians amazing culture has been preserved well and is noticeable all over the country, mainly because this is one of the only countries that hasn’t been under a long reign by a European colony (except for several years under italy's reign).

This  uniqueness, the curious and kind people, culture, great scenic views and natural phenomenons, and of course the one of a kind Ethiopian food, all make Ethiopia a great destination for travelers.

In this country you could hike on the green mountains of the Semian, visit remote and fascinating tribes in the Omo valley, sit on the verge of hot boiling lava on Erta Ale, visit the curved churches in Lalibela and most important – meet some strangers along the way and gain friends and wonderful experiences 

All aboard the time machine.

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