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All kite surfing activities and courses, with a great discount for the "Mzungu" community backpackers.

Details of benefit-This new collaboration takes your trip to the next level as now you can spice it up with some extreme water sports in reasonable prices! From this moment on- the discount at coconuts-kite is here for you.

How it works- you should download the coupon and show it on first contact with the business (no need for printing)

Location-  east coast of Zanzibar, which will get you in to the sports atmosphere real fast!

Exact location- Bwejuu beach, between Paje and Dongwe, right near Sahari hotel.

Contacts are available on the coupon itself


About the services-

Coconuts Kite is a kitesurfing and water sports center in Bwejuu, South East Coast of Zanzibar. Bwejuu is a fisherman village just a few minutes drive north of the more known Paje.

Coconuts Kite comes from the idea of two persons, Emanuel and Elisa (the one who is writing this!), who met exactly here, guess how? Kite surfing of course! We then decided to put together our strengths and embark in this project.

Emanuel (nicknamed Zabron Kite), has over 7 years experience teaching kite surfing and, as you will see from the pictures, he can do quite a few tricks!

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