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Morocco will heighten all of your senses. Enchanting landscapes, unique arts and a fascinating culture all  together make for a great experience.


Moroccan culture is a mix of Arab-Muslim and Barbarian. The Barbarians are the ancient inhabitants of North Africa and their population in Morocco is mostly in the villages, in the Atlas Mountains and in the Sahara desert. Couscous, for example, is a barbaric dish.


Although Morocco is far from the rest of the popular African countries, in recent years it has become a destination in itself. One third of the country's territory is mountains, including the Atlas Mountains and its high peak Jebel Tubkal, the Riff Mountains in the north and the deserts of the Sahara in the south. Besides, the Atlantic Ocean encircles Morocco all the west and the Mediterranean Sea in the north of the country. Within the cities, you can visit the old quarter called Medina - stroll through vibrant colorful markets, see unique buildings in Morocco and experience a rich culinary experience.

But above all, it is the encounter with the local people that makes the difference. A meeting with open, accepting, caring and courteous people, mainly. Which hosting them is a great celebration.


For the most part, the trip to Morocco transcends all expectations and will leave the visitors wanting more.

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