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Mozambique is land of the great ocean in Africa

Mozambique has an especially long coastline of white beaches, clear turquoise waters, large groups of islands and some of the best diving areas in the world to see whale sharks and many other unique scenery.

In Mozambique it is still possible to feel some of the influences of the Portuguese control of the country, both in language and in ancient buildings scattered throughout the country.

Most of the points of interest in Mozambique focus on coastal cities. The coastal city of Maksima, when you go north along the coast to Beira, suddenly feels like your in another country, like an imaginary line between South Africa and "Western" East Africa.

If you continue further north you will reach the Quirimba Archipelago, which is a reserve of 32 islands in the northern part of the country, an area where you can dive or simply settle in a hammock for a few days. Between June and December you can take a boat or dive to see bands of 'Big Fin whales' during their migratory season.

If you leave the coastline you will find mountainous, green and mainly virgin landscapes, because this part of the country hardly sees tourist action.

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