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Namibia, queen of the desert and the unique scenery of Africa.

Located in the southwest of Africa it borders South Africa Botswana and Angola. In Namibia you will find diversity like no other – A remote desert that seems lifeless, towns that look like they were taken out of Germany in the 70's, and places filled with water and Baobab trees. In Opuwo in the north, you could see the Himba and Herero tribe, living in harmony with the other locals, and a little south of there in Etosha you will get one of the best safari experiences in Africa.

Namibia is also one of the least populated countries in the world with 3 people for every square Km and therefore enjoys vast areas of untouched nature.

Most popular way to tour Namibia is by renting a car that can come equipped with everything you need, and the popular lodging is by camping. Windhoek, the capital is very developed and you could find everything you will need to stack up for the road trip. ATM's and gas stations are found in any place bigger than a small village, but due to the great distaces its best to stack up every time you see one.<br>

Go into the wild.

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