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Special prices at White Nile Rafting Uganda

Details of benefit- White Nile's cooperation with Mzungu Backpackers is now giving you the BEST price for Rafting on the Nile – Guranteed. 90$ for a whole day of adventure! (instead of 140$).

This experienced company is rafting the water of the Nile since 2009 and giving their costumers a great and safe journey through the rapids.

you can read below on what does the voucher include.

How it works- You should download the coupon and show it on first contact with the business (no need for printing).

Location- Jinja, Uganda

Contacts are available on the coupon itself

The Ultimate Experience

This trip is the perfect cure for the adventurer in you!!! Start to finish, this trip will be one of the best days of your life, GUARANTEED!!!Experience a FULL DAY of heart pounding thrills as you charge through 8 Grade 3-5 rapids, be amazed by the breathtaking scenery with some wildlife. Our qualified and friendly river guides will keep you informed of what's coming next. The FULL Day is the most prominent trip that people associate with. Over 1500 people have safely rafted with us throughout the last two inaugural years of the company.

 This voucher includes the following, using the 90$ voucher;

  • Big Breakfast at our offices in Buwenda

  • Light midday snacks on the river

  • Drinking water on the river

  • Most friendliest and experienced river crew

  • Delicious BBQ + a meal (buffet) with a cold beers & sodas at the end of the day

  • FREE Kampala – Jinja Pick up and Drop off

  • FREE photos while rafting and kayaking with us

  • We organize two trips a day in the morning and afternoon

  • 25 Km Trip duration

  • 8 major rapids

  • All the latest equipment

  • Extensive safety briefing and practice drills

  • Safety boat and Safety kayakers with every trip

  • Professional photographer

With this voucher you get it all for the unprecedented price of 90$.

Min. age limit: 11yrs mild/grade 3

Min. age limit: 14yrs wild/grade 5


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