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Special Prices for Trekking in the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda

Details of benefit- Weismann Expeditions in Uganda is cooperating with us to ensure the best prices for Mzungu Backpackers. This is an experienced company, which has many years of expeditions to the Rwenzori Mountains. The possible trips vary, from a one day trip, or a few nights, and all the way up to the 5 nights Central Cercuit or the 6 night Margherita Peak.

How it works- You should download the coupon and show it on first contact with the business (no need for printing).

Location-  Kasese, Uganda

Contacts are available on the coupon itself


All prices in USD, according to group size, and foor included or not

These prices should include all of the following:

 All park fees and trekking permits

Franchise fees

Rescue fees

Government tax




Food if paid for!

Accommodation on mountain huts

Does not include:

Medical insurance

International flights

** you are advised to be prepared for cold and awesome weather!

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