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South Africa


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South Africa ​would be our pick for the 'easiest' country to travel in.


South Africa withholds many of the finest pearls of this Continent; Kruger Park is one of the most popular Safari destinations, being the densest animal populations in the world. There is the Garden route, a nickname for the road from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town and has many attractions on the way. If you fancy you can go cage diving with great white sharks or sit with penguins on the beach at Boulder Beach.

For hikers there are the Drakensberg Mountains that offer a variety of beautiful hikes. There are Lesotho and Swaziland, Two independent Kingdoms within South Africa, which are fun to tour and explore their unique heritage.

If you are looking to go Off the beaten track you might want to try the Limpopo region in the north, an almost untouched paradise.

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