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A lot of useful information exists today in Travel blogs.

We tried to round up the best ones we could find for you to check out.



Backpacking Africa for Beginners

This great blog by Valerie Bowden gives you the real feel of Africa.

Val's journey began in a terrible "Voluntourism" experience for 3 months in Ethiopia.

Though the experience was not what she hoped, it did lead her to go on her great adventure:
Traveling solo from Cape Town to Cairo . The journey took around 7 months, going through 13 countries on her route, and lead her to start her blog. She now lives in Ethiopia and has a social impact snack company that make Teff Chips called Dirkush Crunch.

In her blog, Val has some great posts about why you should travel to Africa and how it is possible to go solo, even for girls .
For the full experience, you can purchase Valerie's book "Backpacking Africa for Beginners".
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The Pink Backpack

Stephanie Huff from Canada is a Ph.D. student and a solo traveller, and she has been traveling since 2015.

Her journey in Africa included doing some fieldwork in Kenya,  backpacking from South Africa to Tanzania and then around Lake Victoria, and finally moving to Tanzania to conduct her doctoral research project.
In her blog, she shares her crazy adventures, (including getting attacked by a chimpanzee in Tanzania!) and also some great travel tips about traveling under a budget, how to pack lighter and how to avoid culture shock.


Helen in Wonderlust

"Helen In Wonderlust" is one of the most informative blogs out there, written by Helen Davies.

Helen has traveled around Africa many times since 2009 and has posts in her blog about 10 different countries.

In this blog you will find a lot of other useful information about budget , packing highlights from every destination and some unique post like this interview with a local Malawian - Godfrey Masauli "The boy who flies" .

Helen also guides small groups on short trips to various destinations, more info on her website "Rock my Adventure"


Koala Travels the world

Xin’en (Xin) from Singapore shares her interesting take on life and travel in her blog "Koala travels the world".

She has been traveling since 2015 and spent 3.5 months in Africa in 7 different countries.

Tune in to read some of her nice posts like what you see from a bus window in Uganda or where to chill in Malawi


BOB - Bunch OF Backpackers

Manouk is a Dutch adventurer, with a Ph.D. in Medical Sciences and a travel bug that makes her explore the world whenever she gets a chance. Manouk has been to 9 different countries in Africa and has several articles on each place she has visited. The posts on BOB tend to be very informative and focus on giving the traveler with all the information needed to visit that place. You can find many great articles like tips for birdwatching in Kenya, an overview of backpacking in southern Africa and what it is like being a solo female traveler in Sudan

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