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Zimbabwe is a beautiful country, sometimes overlooked by travelers.

The number one destination is of course the famous Victoria Falls, where you can feel the awesome power one of the greatest natural wonders in the world.

Zimbabwe a lot more to offer for travelers – you can raft down the Zambezi river, take a game drive in one of several national parks and try to see all the Big 5. East part of Zim is a more mountainous area that offers some nice hikes close to the border with Mozambique. Zim also has several interesting archeology sites all over the country, Great Zimbabwe National monument being the most famous of them.


With all this being said, the country that was once Africa's source of food and agriculture now suffers difficult recession. Businesses are being shut down and famine is spreading in the country. Zimbabwe stopped using its national currency due to inflation and is using USD making everyday things more expensive compared to neighboring countries.

All of the above make it even more important to try and support the local people and communities in struggle and not try to bargain with them over a couple of cents.

A unique experience in Zimbabwe is guaranteed!

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