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Mzungu Maps

The Mzungu backpacking community Tip-maps are available for you anywhere, even without an internet connection. Maps can be viewed online on your computer or-

offline on your phone, with just one-click:


With app you can view our community's tips offline anytime, anywhere. is a very handy application, and its also a great platform for using our own community's tip-maps. (for download, click here)  Note: After you download the application, you should download the wanted country's tip-map itself in the links below.


*For downloading the Community Tip Maps to your mobile phone, all you need to do ,after installing, is to click the download link and whenever the map file is downloaded - click on it to launch it.

If you have a problem downloading the maps please contact us


**Important! These maps depend on you, and are waiting for any new tips you'd wish to add to it or update, through this form gather some tips at your travels so everyone would benefit.**

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