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Discount Vouchers

These 'Discount Vouchers' are the glue which puts together the whole vision of Mzungu as a backpacking community. This vision which aims to support local populations and trustworthy businesses while traveling is fulfilled with these benefits using a method of a WIN-WIN situation which gets you reliable and worthwhile discounts while getting more people going to local businesses.
For every voucher that you use, the Mzungu crew gets a few dollars- a thing which helps us keep the community's website on-air and well functioning.

 please use a voucher while getting the discount as it helps us with this cause!

Exclusive discount on flights with RwandAir
White Nile Rafting (1).jpg
Special prices for rafting in the White Nile in Uganda
10% Discount on all diving activities at Divine Diving Zanzibar
Climb Kilimanjaro and Mt Meru
10% discount for car rental in Uganda
EN Shark Diving (1).jpg
Special prices for Shark Diving in SA
Discounts for Buggy Rental in Zanzibar
10% Discount on car rental
with 4 companies
Great prices for Trekking in the Rwenzori Mountains
Safari in Tanzania
Great price for Trekking Mount Kenya
Discount on all diving activities at Tofu, Mozambique with 2 diving clubs
Safaris in Kenya - Masai Mara and more
ראפטינג בנהר הזמבזי עם Bundu Adventures
10% Discount for Rafting in the Zambezi River
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