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When Uganda's green meets tanzania's safari – in Kenya you have it all!

The green landscape of Uganda meets the safari of Tanzania - Kenya has it all.

Kenya has the Masai Mara Reserve, the direct continuation of the Serengeti in Tanzania, which is considered to be the world's most famous safari.

For those looking for trekking there is Mount Kenya, which is the second highest in Africa and also Mount Elgon bordering Uganda. Kenya is located on the East African Rift and therefore is full of unique lakes and craters. In the north of the country near Lake Turkana, you can see the Turkana people, local tribes dressed in traditional and colorful shapes.

In the east of the country there is the largest port city of Mombasa and beaches that are a viable match to the famous Zanzibar beaches, including the island Lamo which is an adventure in itself.

If you closed your eyes on a long journey and felt that you woke up in New York suddenly, do not be afraid - this is Nairobi.

Maybe the comparison seems extreme to you but this bustling metropolis within the African country is very impressive, and they even have a Central Park

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