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Landing in Madagascar is as close as you will get to landing on a different planet! Or maybe in a Disney movie..

This great island, which is sometimes mistaken to be small, is twice the size of Britain. Madagascar is unique for having many species of flora and fauna exclusive to the island. Isalo is the most popular national park, and there you can catch a glimpse of the lamours, made famous is Disney's Madagascar movies. In Tsingy de Bemaraha you can view the special rock formations there. There are many more national parks in the island with very special scenery, such as the great baobabs avenue or find a spot for a little relaxing around the beautiful white sand beaches of Nosy Bay.

Getting around is quite an adventure and sometimes can take a couple of days because of bad roads and poor public transport options, but as always, youre in for some great experiences on the way, that happen Only In Africa.

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