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Malawi is known as "the warm heart of Africa" and "Africa for beginners" and earns both titles.


Kaya Mawa is the local way for saying "maybe tomorrow" and that is the best way to summarize this peaceful laid back place.

Malawi is known for the great long lake, lake Malawi, home of many species of colorful fish and crystal clear turquoise water.

There is also Mt Mulange, a great hike with beautiful scenery and very cheap compared to other major hikes in Africa, and Zomba plateau a great place for day hikes and nice views.

Cape Mclear, Nakhata bay or any other of the towns on the shores of lake Malawi are great spots to relax and enjoy the fisherman life. Fish eaters will enjoy fresh fish on the plate for every meal, But you should know this – there is a kind of very small fish the are left outside for 5 days in the sun as part of their cooking process – this gives these places a very unique… smell.

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