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Tanzania is the hottest tourist destination in Africa – and it has very good reasons to be!


The endless planes of the Serengetti, home of the Lion King offer probably the best and most famous safari in Africa.

Mt Kilimanjaro, the tallest peak in Africa offers one of the tallest peaks achievable for hikers with no experience.

In Zanzibar you will find the world famous white sand beaches, coconut trees and youre on piece of heaven.

These are all what makes Tanzania famous, but if you decide to see other places you wont regret it – the usambara mountains offer great hikes, travelling between local villiges and beautiful scenery. You can also visit Mt Meru for a great trek and see the sunrise off the Kilimanjaro from the top. 


A serving of Chips Mayayi, local street food with French fries, and a cup of fresh coconut juice in Zanzibar should make your Tanzania adventure complete.

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